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Extreme Words - Bad for Architects & Engineers

Why should you avoid extreme words? Why is it detrimental to your firm? These and more questions are answered in the November issue of Building Blocks where the topic of "extreme words" is covered.

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The October 2021 Newsletter risk management article focuses on a “time” related topic-“time of the essence.”

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"Complying with all laws" during design and construction

Design professionals increase their liability when agreeing in contracts to comply with all laws. DesignPro's Eric Pempus addresses the issues and reasons for standing firm on negotiating this out of your contract....

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Indemnification: Limit it to Damages Resulting from “Tort” Claims J. Kent Holland, Jr

DesignPro Insurance is a member of a/e pronet which is an association of insurance brokers dedicated to serving the insurance and risk management needs of design professionals. DesignPro works with design professionals...

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Waiver of Subrogation: A valid defense for Architects and Engineers?

This is a great article written for a/e pronet by James Johnson, Esquire and Travis Smuckler, Esquire. DesignPro Insurance is a proud member of a/e pronet. Click on the link below.

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