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Design without Construction Administration Services & Construction Administration Services without Design

Unfortunately, some project owners may engage an architect or engineer (A/E) to provide design services, but not construction administration. On the other hand, some project owners may engage an A/E for construction...

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Advising a Client (before completion) that the Project will not be Successful.

A professional/ethical dilemma-before the project’s completion, should an engineer or architect advise their client that, despite their best efforts, their design and/or construction will not be as intended? Read the ...

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The "Credit Cases" - A Design Professional Taking Credit for the Work of Another Design Professional

Taking credit of the work of another architect, engineer, landscape architect, or interior designer is probably one of the most offensive act against a fellow design professional. Read my full article in the July Issue...

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Betterment - What is Better About It?

In the June Issue of Building Blocks, the fairness of this contract clause is reviewed.

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Waiver of Consequential Damages: Why it is so Important to Architects & Engineers

In the May Issue of Building Blocks we cover the importance of understanding consequential damages as a design professional.

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CONTRA PROFERENTEM, RESPONDEAT SUPERIOR & FORCE MAJEURE DOCTRINES (Latin for: “Against the Offeror,” “Let the Master Answer” & “Superior)

Latin contractual terms occur in design professional agreements, so it's best to have an understanding of them. Read the April 2021 Building Blocks for more info.

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Fast-Track Scheduling is Not a Project Delivery Method

Fast-Track Scheduling is not working overtime to meet a deadline in order to issue drawings and specifications for contractors to bid for a project. It is a scheduling technique. The March issue of Building Blocks...

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Building Commissioning, Smart Buildings & Green Design

Building commission, a professional service for larger new or renovation projects, assists building owners in determining if their mechanical systems are operating as intended and in conformance with mandated...

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HAZMATS in Renovation Projects - Risk Management Concerns

Hazardous materials are always a concern, so this month we focus on HAZMATS in Renovation Projects.

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