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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance


Mentor and educate all members of your firm. People are a professional firm’s most important resource. If you fail to grow the next generation of professionals, you are failing to secure your own future and the future...

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#1 of 10 Top Risk Management Principles - A Firm's Culture & Ethical Practices.

Here is the first in a series of ten articles covering the top ten risk management principles. This month the topic is a Firm's Culture & Ethical Practices.

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Top 10 Risk Management Principles For Design Professionals

Written Contracts: Are They Really Necessary?

The September issue of Building Blocks covers the importance written contracts.

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Substantial Completion Date - Is it Important?

Learn how to determine when a project is complete and why the substantial completion date is so important in the August Building Blocks Newsletter.

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Meeting Obligations to Your Client and the Project Owner, Part 2.

Last month we discussed contractor led projects and your responsibilities. Now in the July issue of Building Blocks, we will review your obligations in an architect/engineer led project.

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Building Blocks - June 2019

Professional Liability Insurance For Architects, Engineers and Design Professionals

Professional liability insurance is designed to protect architects, engineers, surveyors, and consultants (also known as design professionals) from potentially costly lawsuits or claims from clients or third parties....

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Building Blocks - May 2019: Design Professional's Personal Liability

The May Issue of the Building Blocks Newsletter covers Design Professional Personal Liability. In the newsletter we tackle various aspects of personal liability such as: The requirements for a design professional to be...

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Building Blocks - April 2019

The subject of the April issue of Building Blocks takes a look at providing pro bono services and Ohio's Good Samaritan law.

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Building Blocks - March 2019

In the March Issue of Building Blocks, Eric covers the topic of Eminent Domain and how it can affect the A&E professional.

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Building Blocks - February 2019

The topic of the February issue of Building Blocks is "Sealing & Stamping Design Professional Documents in Ohio." Take a moment to read the do's and don'ts of using your professional seal on documents.

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Building Blocks - January 2019

The New Year always brings about resolutions. This month Eric discusses the "Top 10 New Years' Resolutions for Design Professionals." Read the January newsletter to find out what the Top 10 Best Practices are and...

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