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Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) for A&E Firms

Growing businesses and established firms all need to carry sufficient insurance coverage. For companies in any industry today, employment practices coverage provides important protection against lawsuits. DESIGNPRO Insurance Group works with A&E firms of all sizes to provide industry-specific coverage for employment-related issues.

What Is EPLI

Everyone makes mistakes, and we all face misunderstandings in the workplace. Unfortunately, at your design firm, an error in judgement or a misunderstanding can end up costing you a lot in legal fees. With an EPLI policy from DESIGNPRO Insurance Group, you can offset much of the expense related to:

  • Claims concerning mismanagement of employee benefits
  • Discrimination lawsuits
  • Wrongful termination claims
  • Class-action suits brought by disgruntled employees
  • Lawsuits concerning breach of employment contract
  • Lawsuits regarding failure to employ or promote
  • Negligent evaluation issues
  • Hostile work environment claims

What DESIGNPRO Insurance Group Provides

At DESIGNPRO Insurance Group, we don’t simply write and sell insurance policies. We also work to help our clients reduce risk through education and preventative measures. The best insurance policy is one you don’t have to use, and when it comes to EPLI, prevention education can also reduce your premiums. Fewer claims against your firm keeps everyone happy—your employees, you, and your insurer.

What EPLI Package Is Right for You

Several things influence your firm’s EPLI needs. DESIGNPRO Insurance Group works with corporate clients to provide customizable EPLI packages based on specific company needs. We offer a variety of limit and deductible options as well as coverage tailored to fit small, medium and large A&E firms. Our education and prevention packages can include

  • Sexual harassment awareness education
  • Diversity training and education

With the right EPLI coverage, you can protect yourself as an employer as well as your firm and your employees. Contact DESIGNPRO Insurance Group today to learn more.