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Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance for Design Professionals

As an architect, engineer or other design professional, you’ve studied hard to learn your trade. You work hard in the design industry, and you do your best to provide clients with quality projects. Unfortunately, a simple mistake on your part can do damage to your clients, your reputation and your bank account. Like professionals in many different fields, you need a professional liability (errors and omissions) policy to protect you against honest and unintentional mistakes.

DESIGNPRO Insurance Group partners with several top insurance carriers to provide a full menu of insurance options to design professionals. As a recognized name in the insurance business, we have the leverage to research options for our professional clients. We take pride in offering personal, customized service, and our professional liability insurance policies can be tailored to fit the needs of independent contractors as well as consulting firms, design companies and more.

Available Design PLI Policies

In order to best serve a wide variety of design professionals, DESIGNPRO Insurance Group offers both practice policies and project policies. A practice policy covers all projects taken on by the insured firm for the duration of the policy. Project policies are purchased on an as-needed basis and cover only a single project. The right coverage for your business will depend on a number of variables, and your DESIGNPRO Insurance Group agent can help you determine what coverage to purchase.

Design PLI Coverage

The purpose of industry-specific professional liability insurance is to protect against damages and financial loss due to claims based on negligent errors or omissions. Everybody makes mistakes, but when those mistakes harm others, it’s important to have the right insurance coverage in place. Beyond that, you also need protection against frivolous lawsuits and other allegations that could negatively affect your business.

Don’t wait until one of your clients takes legal action to make sure that you have sufficient professional liability insurance coverage. Call 614-794-4820 today to schedule your free consultation. Whether you need to review your existing coverage or purchase coverage for your design enterprise, we can help.